A portrait of Lisa Osborne.

About Me

My name is Lisa and I am an artist originally from West Virginia but currently located in Denver, CO. I first started drawing at a young age and I have always felt a sense of comfort doing it. Creativity has always been something that comes naturally to me and throughout the years my art has changed a lot, developing into what it is now. I like to describe my art as abstract and colorful, inspired by flowers, organic shapes, nature, and depicting self-love.

I fell in love with flowers while strolling through gardens with my Grandma. She always appreciated their beauty, strength, and stoic nature. My Grandma passed away a while ago, but since her passing I started to notice the deep connection I have with flowers and I feel lucky to have shared this with my favorite person.

I hope my art brings you happiness, peace, and love. I truly believe that with art each line means something different to someone. The artist, the friend, the stranger, or yourself.

Thank you so much for exploring my artwork.

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